Alma nonfat quark cream 0,1% 300g

Alma quark cream doesn't contain preservatives and is a good source of protein. This Alma curd cream with 0,1% fat is a good choice for people who care for health and look. Use also for cooking healthy cakes and desserts!

Nutrition per 100g

Energy 258 kJ / 60 kcal
Protein 10,0 g
Fat 0,2 g (of which saturated fatty acids 0,13 g)
Carbohydrates 4,6 g (of which sugars 4,6 g)
Salt 0,1 g (salt content is exclusively due to the presence of naturally occuring sodium)
Alma nonfat quark cream 0,1% 300g
  • Fat free
  • Preservative-free