Quality Policy

Valio Eesti companies Valio Eesti AS and AS Võru Juust hold ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates. Our quality policy is based on the following principles: 

ISO 9001:

• we offer consumers quality, delicious, functional and fresh dairy products every day;
• the entire value chain of the company from the farm to the stores is managed in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 management system standard.

Food safety is an extremely important part of our quality policy:
• we are committed to good production practice and constantly develop our activities according to this practice;
• we use quality milk obtained from healthy cattle and other premium raw materials;
• we make our products in a hygienic production environment, which ensures that they are clean and safe for consumers;
• we try to prevent any risks that may threaten product hygiene or the functioning of our production units;
• we monitor and develop food safety pursuant to the USO 22 000 standard;
• milk is the most important raw material of a dairy industry. The consistently high quality of raw milk is the most important aspect in guaranteeing the good taste and quality of our products. Valio Eesti buys raw milk only from approved suppliers who are able to guarantee the good quality of their raw milk. The company offers its suppliers consultancy services to help them maintain and improve the quality of raw milk.

ISO 14001:

Environmental conservation:
We take our responsibility to the environment seriously and look for technologies that reduce environmental impact, use raw materials and energy sparingly, and promote the use of recyclable and energy-efficient packaging. In our purchasing activities we cooperate with partners whose values and goals are in line with the environmental objectives of Valio Eesti. This principle means that we have to find a balance between the environment and our social and business goals.

Significant environmental goals of Valio Eesti AS for 2012 and 2013:
• reducing the quantity of waste water and the pollution load
• economical use of water and energy
• reducing municipal solid waste