Valio Eesti AS Laeva Dairy

Valio Laeva Dairy is located in Laeva Village near Tartu, and it produces fresh dairy products such as milk, kefir, yoghurt, curd and curd desserts. Laeva Dairy employs approximately 170 people and produces more than 4000 fresh dairy products per month.  

We also export approximately 10% of the dairy’s products to Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden and Russia.

The raw milk used in Laeva Dairy is largely delivered from farms in Järva and Tartu Counties as well as other large farms nationwide. The dairy brand Alma, which is the most loved one among Estonians, also comers from Laeva Dairy and currently covers more than 70 different products and flavours. Most of these products have been given the Approved Estonian Taste quality label.